Chloe Keppie is a multi-disciplinary designer, working across brand identities, typography and printed matter.

Currently working as a graphic designer at Need.

2022 graduate of BA(Hons) Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art.

Available for freelance commissions and collaborations! Drop me an email below :-)

PDF Portfolio available on request.


The Keppies

John and Jessie Keppie are two relatives of mine who studied and worked at the Glasgow School of Art in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. John was an accomplished architect who ran the firm Keppie & Henderson in Glasgow for many years, while Jessie was a talented fine artist who specialised particularly in watercolours.
    Both of the Keppie’s were connected to famous architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Mackintosh was an apprentice, then later partner, in Johns firm, whereas Jessie was known to have a romantic link, and is speculated to have been engaged to Mackintosh during their Art School days. Today Mackintosh is well remembered and celebrated across the world, and has largely dwarfed his peers in the publics memory. Subsequently John and Jessie are much less known and are not remembered in the same fashion.
    This publication aims to collate the works which I could find of the Keppie’s across the internet and physical archives, in order to celebrate and preserve their work in a physical format. It is rare to find a collection of their works together, and so these publications seek to provide a broader scope of John and Jessie’s various creative talents. Caleia Mckennan assisted me in creating images by taking photographs of buildings John has designed.
Two printed publications, May 2022