Chloe Keppie is a multi-disciplinary designer, working across brand identities, typography and printed matter.

Currently working as a graphic designer at Need.

2022 graduate of BA(Hons) Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art.

Available for freelance commissions and collaborations! Drop me an email below :-)

PDF Portfolio available on request.


LOCUS Trail Map

LOCUS is a contemporary public art trail in the heart of Lerwick that is due to open Summer 2021. As part of the promotion of the trail, I was tasked with designing a trail map which accurately signposted the artworks in a pleasing and engaging visual manner.
        Marks and shapes within each work were borrowed to be reused as key markers for each piece.  Using these as placemarkers allows the viewer to recognise which work is which, without having to be presented with a full image of the final product. This encourages the viewer to witness the artworks with their own eyes instead of simply seeing a photograph.
        The design is playful and bright in order to appeal and engage all ages and stand out when placed alongside other brochures in Shetland.
May 2021